4 Basic Skills that your Social Media Manager Should Have

Most freelance Social Media Consultants/ Managers have no formal  training.  However, here are a few basic skills that any social media manager worth his salt should possess.

  • Grammar – Online trolls love to call out grammar and misspellings errors. To ensure that your client looks professional at all times, you need to hire someone with great grammar.
  • Research – social media entails much more than simply broadcasting your own material.  In addition to the clients stuff, a great social media manager needs to know where to find interesting viral content to share with the audience.
  • Time management – Most social media managers work remotely. You therefore need a freelancer who is not only motivated  but also accountable
  • Great customer service – if you are to retain your customers and bring new ones aboard, you want the voice of your brand to be someone who treats your customers with the utmost respect at all times.

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