6 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

Are you struggling when it comes to engaging your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers? Not to worry. In today’s post we discuss 6 highly effective ways to increase social media engagement.

  • Capture attention

To create awareness and increase your revenue, your ultimate goal is to reach your target audience via social media. You need to grab their attention by understanding   are and catering to them specifically. Their age, gender, interests are some of the factors that’ll determine the content you curate for them.

It would be pointless for instance to promote iphones to college students the same way you would not promote infinix to CEO.

  • Stay trendy and timely

Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media. You will have little success if you post when everybody is busy at work or asleep. The best times to post studies have shown, are between 1pm and 4pm peaking on Wednesday at 3pm. The worst times to post are before 8am and after 8pm.Weekends are also terrible days to post. Generally, post content when people are on their way to work or during evening hours. Keep in mind that most people access social media through their smartphones.

  • Use of photos

74% of social media marketers use images in their content on social media with good reasons. Tweets with images receive 150% more engagement that tweets without while Facebook posts with images get 230%, more engagement than those without. Images are clear and easily digestible to the mind. Eye tracking studies show that internet users pay close attention to information carrying images. When the image is relevant, readers will in fact spend more time looking at the image than reading the text on the post. Always use images in your posts or create an image from your text.

  • Use of call to action

If you just post a link on your social media, it will not generate so many clicks on its own. The use of incentives and call of action has been proven to be effective when it comes to engagement. Ask for help spreading the word. A simple ‘Please RT’ goes a long way.

  • Express with emoticons

Plain text doesn’t always show the emotion behind a social media post. A recent report shows that a simple smiley face emoticon in your post can increase likes by 57%, comments by 33% and shares by 33% over post without emotions..

  • Gain data from Facebook/Twitter Analytics Data

Facebook insights and Twitter Analytics are powerful tools for those wanting to track user interaction on these social media platforms. Use the data from analytics and insights to see which content your followers/fans like seeing most on your page and adjust your content to include more of those.


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How to Increase Facebook Engagement in Five Easy Steps

If you are finding it difficult to engage with your Facebook audience, you need to re-evaluate and leverage your organic reach. This is the number of people that are able to see your content organically, without you having to invest in paid promotion. Since 2016, organic reach has reduced by 52% as a result of the revised Facebook algorithm and the massive content generated on Facebook every single minute.

To boost your organic reach, you need to employ the strategies outlined below;

  • Build your presence and authority

Growing your presence and authority has little to do with increasing your page likes. The number of likes/followers on your Facebook page has no indication of how well your online content will performs. What you need to do is build enough authority to build an audience that engages more with your content.

You can do this by attracting the right audience to your Facebook page. Random fans are worthless because they won’t interact with you.

  • Publish evergreen content

Whether your goal is to create awareness or generate revenue, providing fresh content to your target audience is the most powerful tool at your disposal. The life of a Facebook news post is dependent on recent events. If you publish timeless/evergreen content, your audience will engagewith your post for longer periods.

  • Curate other people’s evergreen content

Content curation doesn’t mean taking other people’s work and making it your own. It simply means sharing interesting and engaging content from other networks to your own.

  • Use organic post targeting

You can curate your organic post to make sure that you reach the target audience. You can target your post to your relevant audience based on their gender, location, age, or even interest.

  • Test your posting frequency

Studies show engagement drastically drops when you post too often. The rule of thumb is to try and keep it between 1-3 posts per day.